March 21, 2008

Another Friday

The girls are getting their hair cut this morning! Hailey is looking forward to it and has been asking to go all week! She loves getting her hair washed at the salon (not at home though!). Sparing you all the details as to why my hair is a creepy dark color right now...Hailey is going to be very disappointed because when she got up this morning she held out her hair and said "mom, look it" "I gotta get it black like yours". Well, we all know that ain't gonna happen. Why on earth would she even want That?

When I first went to get her from bed I gave her a kiss and Hailey said "Thank you Mom" and I said Thank you for what? to which she replied "Thank you for kissing me" how sweet is that?

Lauren went back to the other studio for Ballet last night and mom got disciplined. The rules say "The hair must be pulled away from the face and secured" so we pulled it up in a ponytail. Hmmph. Ms. Danielle promptly informed me that it has to be in a bun. Shame Shame mommy. But don't you think they could have said that?

Lauren and Hailey are going to see Horton Hears a Who with Grams and Gramps tomorrow. It should be fun, Hailey has been recounting her theater experience when they went to see the Chipmunk Movie back in December so I am pretty sure she is looking forward to this one!

I will be packing while they are gone and with any luck having a quick chat with the Easter Bunny to verify the plans and guarantee arrival of said baskets.

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Bonnie said...

How did Lauren like her 2nd ballet class at the new studio? Sounds pretty strict, but maybe that's good?? Hailey is so sweet, reminds me of something my Alex would say. Bonnie