March 14, 2008

Is it Friday again?

Where on earth do the days go? This has been an exhausting week. Start with the time change...WHY? WHY? WHY? Everywhere I go people say how much they hate it and don't understand why we have to do it...yet we do and I suppose we go on but it is one of the silliest darn things ever concocted!

We got to go to the Carrie Underwood/Kieth Urban concert on Sunday night. We only stayed for Carrie because we brought the girls and it was a school night for both of them. She was great and the girls really enjoyed it. I took some pictures with my phone and will post them soon!

On Wednesday CIBER was honored at a Growth Conference for passing the 1 Billion mark this past year. My dad spoke, I brought the girls - again they were great! Hailey ate 3 cups full of ice but she stayed seated and quiet and was overall an incredible 2 year old! Mac's speech was informative and fun. He is a good speaker, makes you giggle, and it was nice to see some of the changes they have been though since I left ciber!

I eluded to the fact that Lauren was not happy with her ballet class recently. Well, we visited Colorado Academy of Ballet earlier this week and they invited her to come and try a class. Lauren does not like the size or the silliness in her current class. I have talked to the studio...but Lauren is clearly craving something more and after what we went through with her wanting to skip a grade and how happy she was after she did I am much quicker to listen to her now!!! So...we went about our week and along comes Thursday...the day she can try the class at the Colorado Academy of Ballet...We had to stop at the tailor on the way home from school because we can't find shorts that fit Lauren's little bitty when she asked, I told her we would try the class next week. We get done, head for home...and alas she says "Mom, I think I still have time to make that class if I go change now" so I call Todd tell him we won't be home when he gets home and off we go...

When class first started she was a little nervous and overwhelmed..she came out for a few minutes wanting to go home...but I sent her back in and she finished the 1 hour 30 minute Ballet class. What a difference. This was no nonsense, you want to be a ballerina or you don't want to be here kind of class. Classical music played the entire time, very little talking a lot of instruction, teacher repositioning bodies the whole time... 2 kids goofed off a little and the whole class had to do push ups - Lauren came out at the end, got in the car and said "that is the ballet class I want to take" It is obvious that while Lauren can be silly with the rest of them when she is supposed to do something she is there to do it - focus and move on. Just like in school, where she never has homework because she gets it all done in class.

So now enters the dilemma. We LOVE our studio. Lauren has to take 2 classes per week one of which has to be Ballet to be in the competition company, Lauren wants to take Ballet at a real ballet school - Ahhhh. Can't it ever be easy. (by the way who knew dilemma had 2 m's? I had to look it up several times it looks bizarre to me!)

My guess is she will do both for the rest of this year (only 2 months). And we will discuss with the studio in the fall what to do for next year.


Bonnie said...

I can definately (sp?) see Lauren as a ballerina. It seems like she would have the focus and discipline it takes... Bonnie

Krape Family said...

I hope my boys take an interest in something with as much passion as your girls do. It is very motivating.--Kasey