May 27, 2008

Not better yet

Well, Hailey is not better yet. Today is day 5 of this ick for her. I feel so bad for her, even with cough syrup she is coughing a lot in the night, still has a fever above 102 most of the time and in general doesn't feel good. She is like the energizer bunny though and does not succumb to the sickies until / unless the fever gets really high (104) and even then she fights succumbing to it! We will be headed back to the Dr. this morning to get things checked out...with the antibiotics she should have been getting better by now

Lauren has a field trip downtown today...this will be the first time I didn't drive on a downtown field trip...and I am not liking it. I guess I have to let go sometime, I can't be in two places at once. I just hate sending her in a car full of kids downtown. I think though that she will be riding with her teacher (who can only put two kids in her car) so that is not so bad. She will have her phone with her too (I am convincing myself that she will use it in an emergency!)

With less than two weeks left of school I am really looking forward to next Friday (last day for the summer). These two weeks will proove to be a big fat waste...with spirit week, field day, 2 field trips, cleaning day and awards day I really don't see the point.

Oh well, I will post after we see the Dr (or later tonight)

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