May 4, 2008

Would someone please...


For those familiar with "Where's Waldo" lets play a game of "Where's Lauren and Hailey?"

Did you find them? UGH! What a mess!

Welcome back Uncle Albert! - for those of you that don't know, Uncle Albert is actually my Great Uncle - he lives in Michigan and has been without computer for a while! I got an email from him last night that he was up and running again and of course, immediately invited him to the blog! Anyway, This is for you Uncle Albert..."So Glad your back online...some bunny in Colorado Loves you!!!"

Also Welcome Grandma Mary as an official reader! Hope this keeps us chatting more!

And finally...some have asked if they could invite their friends and family to read...I am happy to oblige just email me their email addresses and I will send them an invite!

Happy Sunday to all!


m.slingerlend said...

Hey Terra, I am LOL. How do you spell "opponent"???? Can't resist that spelling thing, you know.
Always love the blog!
Love, MOM

Terra said...

WOW, that sucks. Apparently Lauren spells WAY better than else caught it yet but they will now thanks to you.


m.slingerlend said...

Sorry - once an "inside" joke always an "inside" joke. Glad to oblige! Love you, Mom

Terra said...

well, whatever the case may be, it was pretty bad to spell a word wrong that I was so proud of Lauren for spelling correctly. Can you say DORK? Oh well, I am who I am right?