May 9, 2008

The weekend Arrives

Advance apology...most of these photos were taken with my phone...clarity leaves a lot to be desired but they were fun anyway! Or at least the story behind them was fun!!!

We had quite a week! After all my complaining about the bedtime blues...I spent one night in the hall placing Hailey back in her bed when she came out of her room and the second night she never came out (still took her 2 hours to fall asleep but...) and tonight she was asleep in less than 20 minutes but she had a LONG DAY today...more later.

Thursday we met Grandma at the mall...Hailey went into Nordstrom's wearing pink sandals, a pinkish tank dress and a princess crown and left the mall looking like this...

From Princess to hippie...not sure we heading the right direction. but she sure looked cute. (you can't see it but she was also barefoot at this point)

Then it was off to dance class where she refused to remove her do-rag...Had a blast dancing though...

Gotta throw in a cute picture of Lauren here. This was Wed. afternoon shortly before the girls lost the slide for a few days because they could not stop bickering about it. Poor deprived children!!!

Friday rolled around and we had a BUSY day. We started at dance where Hailey got her first of 3 costumes for the recital in June...she was in HEAVEN. I failed to get a single shot of her face smiling because she was so busy dancing...I think it was a full hour of dance...Enjoy...

After dance we headed off to Lauren's school for the Spring Concert...Grades 1-5. It was cute they did Jazz songs and a couple from High school Musical. I took the camera and the Flip Video...I left the battery for the camera on the floor in the office charging (DUH) so I only got video. Took a bunch...but here are a couple:


I took a picture of Lauren when we got home and put the battery in the camera!

Then we topped off the afternoon with some landscape removing...Todd using an Ax and a chainsaw to get rid of some pesky junipers...both of us covered in hives...I sprayed hairspray on my arms because they were so bad...stopped the itching immediately. Still have tons of hives but they no-longer itch!

Shortly thereafter...we were off to Chucky Cheese for a B-day party Lauren was invited too. Hailey and I tagged along but stayed away from the party. Lauren had a great time and liked being left alone with her friends (poor mommy) Hailey loved the car rides and INSISTED on being buckled on each fact one had a "broken" buckle and she refused to ride it! She cracks me up...

But wait there's more...after Chuck e Cheese Lauren was off to the neighbors for part of a slumber party! No slumber for her...too much to do in the morning but she got to party a little anyway! previously stated - Hailey crashed upon hitting the bed tonight...WONDER WHY???

Lauren just went to bed at 9:35 and will hopefully sleep in tomorrow...

Todd and Gary are shooting pool in the basement...I am watching Dateline NBC and BLOGGING...and soon heading to bed myself (ok, lets be honest...I am going to play games on the computer first!)

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Bonnie said...

What a busy day! I love Hailey's new costume! It's so pretty. Glad she slept better. Maybe you just really need to wear her out everyday!