June 3, 2008

A full week since my last post

So sad. It was a tough week though. With Hailey sick and back at the Dr on Friday then mom got her turn on Sunday and I just have not had the motivation to post! I do have a fair amount to post! I plan to edit this post later this evening and get a bunch of stuff up so check back tonight or tomorrow morning!


Ok first...Hailey is still a bit under the weather. She has a few more days on her antibiotic and I am holding out hope! I got the thrill of antibiotics too...but am feeling pretty decent overall at this point!

First I want to post two drawings from our beautiful girls. Explanation: Lauren used a step by step to draw a Garfield in Uncle Brad's Birthday Card on Saturday! It was great. Mom threw away the instructions and she drew this one free hand on Sunday in spite of me!

Then I asked Hailey to draw me a ballerina. Why you ask? Because she was driving me batty on Monday and I wanted her to "do" something...this is what I got (look closely and you can her eyes and nose and mouth and her curly little legs are in first position according to Hailey)

It is a stretch I know. But she was proud of it!

Grandpa helped the girls plant these pansie pots on the 24th of June (just over a week ago) they were supposed to take 2 weeks to sprout...well - Laurens are Huge - took these pictures on Monday and not hers are a good 3 inches taller. Need to repot hers. Have a black thumb so going to take them to the nursery tomorrow and let them do it! Hailey's are in the purple pot and Lauren's in the red!

I have more to post but it is time for me to check out...find a good book and curl up for the night. I will try to post more tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!


Bonnie said...

I look forward to your next blog. I hope you are getting some rest!

m.slingerlend said...

Great Garfield, Lauren - and I could see the ballerina in yours, Hailey, great job! Glad you are feeling beter, Terra; missed the blog.