May 19, 2008


Monday Monday...

Conference this morning. Nothing new to report. All is well and ready for 4th grade. No surprises!

Thank you Grandma Mary for your wonderful email about the blog. I love doing it and glad people are enjoying reading it!

Roads? Open Space? Apparently Douglas County is considering building a road behind our house. It is difficult to tell how serious they are at this point but quite obviously it is raising quite an uproar around the neighborhood. Emails are flying, meetings are planning and so much more. 2 meetings this week, one with HRCA and the other with HRMD. Funny thing is...we don't even live in Highlands Ranch, not only that but we are in unincorporated Douglas County but we get to fight the county anyway. Trying not make a mountain out of a mole hill...till the mole hill grows a bit. Their are 8 options being considered...this option is the most costly and quite frankly most ridiculous. But anyway, wish us luck.

What else? Most of Hailey's class is moving up on Friday. She is not. She just started in February and is a full year (++) younger than her classmates. The issue? She thinks she is moving up. Going to have to chat with the school on Wed! Poor Hailey.

Science test tomorrow. Another doozy. "Name 3 good conductors of electricity" the books says Metals such as copper and salt water. The question asks for 3? So the answer (from the horses mouth) is Other Metals, Copper and Salt Water. Now why on earth would you have to classify OTHER METALS and COPPER as separate answers. Lauren and I slaved over this one last night...she kept saying COPPER IS A METAL so metal is one answer and salt water is the another but what is the third? She was right (in my opinion)Can't wait to see what else is challenged on this test.


Bonnie said...

I love the music! I've been reading a couple of your book recommendations on the blog. I'm almost finished with "Secret Garden" and I'm going to read "Every last Cuckoo" on our trip. Thanks.

Bonnie said...

Correction..not "Secret Garden" but "Garden Spells". I'm enjoying it. It's a pleasant easy read.