May 23, 2008

And then...

We are up in Beaver Creek! Todd will be joining us on Saturday! The girls were very excited to get here and we had a very interesting drive doing so...

We left town at 1:20 it was WINDY – very WINDY and then as we headed west we hit a little rain and then we stopped for a restroom break in Downiville where it was still raining and then a little more west it was snowing in Georgetown and then about 3 miles later it started Hailing so I pulled over, immediately, under a bridge sat there for 20 plus minutes during which time a pick up truck pulled up behind us and almost slid into my back end and then we headed out after the hail turned to snow and passed all the carnage on the road (cars turned the wrong way on I-70, cars in ditches, front ends lost/back ends smashed) and continued on, very grateful we had stopped and then snow gave way to sleet for a while and then when we hit Copper Mtn we found ourselves in a WHITEOUT…ARGH so got through the white out went up Vail Pass in the rain, came down it in the rain and then we hit sleet again entering Beaver Creek and then we arrived safely at the house to find out that 6 tornados had trashed much of Weld County!

Had to end my pitty party.

It was amazing to watch the news coverage and listen to Hailey talk about the "Tomatoes" or "Tormatos" Lauren was a little creeped out by the whole thing and we had a quick discussion about tornado safety and ultimately turned the news off and went back to the Disney Channel till little eyes were closed tucked safely in their beds!

Lauren has a new toy (?) it is Bella's Mystery Pack and it has 52 cards of Mysteries to solve. Short stories that end with a "what do you think really happened" type of a question. They are really cute and get the brain thinking which, as we all know, is one of Lauren's favorite past times.

There are plans to roller skate today, plans to get in the hot tub for a "swim" and plans to hit the office supply store for some stamps and ink pads....There is also an 80% chance for snow (yes) and rain and thunder today so we will have to see how our plans go...we might have to roller skate in the garage and swim in the bathtub!

I forgot my camera (shame) so I am hoping to use Gramps (if all the necessary parts are here) and snap some pictures while we are up here...

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