May 14, 2008

Mid Week

I feel like have a whole lot to say and yet so little to say. Nothing special going on this week. Lauren aced another math test. WAY TO GO LAUREN.... Thinking about doing some private dance lessons with her Academy teacher this work on posture and turn outs (hmph...I had to look that one up because I had no idea what a turn out was!!)

Hailey got her second of three costumes yesterday - and we are going to get new ballet slippers again today (yippee) oh and still hunting stirrup tights for 2 year olds in pink. Here is her in her Green Costume (this one is for the Do Re Me Fa So La Te Do song!)

Bed time has been improving...poor Hailey though...we had big storms the other night and I thought she fell asleep right when they started because she got quiet after the first major thunder - well, SHE DIDN'T she informed Lauren and I this morning that she was afraid in her bed when it stormed yesterday( everything that happened before today is yesterday!) I inquired and told her I thought she was sleeping to which she replied "I WAS HIDING UNNER MY COBERS" POOR HAILEY. She did not want to get in trouble for coming out of her room so she toughed it out....I am going for that mother of the year award again....

Oh Well, What are you gonna do?

On the way to school today Hailey had a notebook and a pencil and she told us she was going to write a story! Here is her story:

Once upon a time there was a little apple
He came and bounced right up to me
and I say Hi
and I didn't it my apple
Then she muttered some nonsense and moved on! She thought about taking her notebook into school with her then at the last minute she tossed back in her seat and said "I not gonna take it, it wont be fabulous"
So now I can add fabulous to the list of words like Actually, Probably and Certainly that she is loving to use (and in the right context too!!)

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Bonnie said...

Good job on your math test Lauren! I love Hailey's story and her comment about it not being "fabulous". She just cracks me up.