May 3, 2008

What a week...

What a week...Glad it is over! Sunday starts the new week right?

Hailey got the pleasure of visiting the Dr. twice, once for Croup and once for just about nothing...except the decision that she can no longer take Decadron (sp?) - it makes her nutso! She is getting better, is very tired and really just beside herself...part of it is her age and part of it is still the medicine and part of it is being sick so all of it is tough on us!

Lauren had a performance today at the Wildlife Museum, that went well - her wonderful teacher and some neighbors joined the audience to cheer her on! They had a small dance floor to work with and that was new to the girls, especially the young ones but they handled it pretty well!

I made Peanut Butter Candy old family recipe. It is rich and yummy and will do nothing to assist with the pounds I insist I need to lose. Oh well. Life happens.

Let's see, what else...OH, Social Studies test this week! She got an A - missed two! GO LAUREN...but even better she did her spelling packet on Friday Morning at McDonald's before school...had not seen it all before that, had a few tough words like Question, opponant, spectator - but she insisted she did not need to be quizzed...ACED IT! 100% - go Lauren again!

I used the part of most of my brain cells trying to figure out the girls dance schedules for next year...even talked the studio into adding a class for Hailey. And now that I have it down to PERFECT for me...I am still waiting for the schedule for the OTHER studio to come out. Theirs comes out in a couple weeks and lets all cross our fingers that the Ballet class Lauren needs falls on the right day!!!

Well, I guess I am jumping around a lot and not really making a point I guess I will sign off...keep in touch.


Bonnie said...

Hey Terra.. I hope Hailey is feeling better..glad Lauren's dance went well. would have liked to be there but both boys had double headers yesterday..both at 9and 12. Candy sounds good, maybe you could post the recipe..or is it a family secret?? Bonnie

Bonnie said... the way you did your song list...don't be surprised if I copy you again, you know me..haha

Mary said...

Finally able to view - a big thanks to you Terra. Hope Hailey is feeling better. Sounds like peanut butter candy taking the place of Wellsville sponge candy? Way to go Lauren on your tests. Love all the pictures of both girls. Sure miss you all.

Terra said...

WELCOME Grandma Mary! Thanks for commenting! I love reading the comments! Keep dreaming of Scottsdale and maybe your day will go by fast!