May 22, 2008


NO SCHOOL TOMORROW YEAH! We are heading up to the mountains tonight. Schedules have interfered with our chances to get up there much this year and the girls miss it. They are very excited to be going. Lauren is counting the hours and Hailey went to bed JUMPING up and down (literally) because she is so excited. IT was a such a spontaneous burst of emotion that Lauren and I were both laughing at her!

Lauren aced that previously mentioned science test with a -0! She was very happy, apparently it was the hardest test of the year!!!

Hailey started wearing the "starter" roller skates this week and loves them...even tries jumping in them. I have a little video clip of this and will try to load it this weekend!

I am also past due on a blog about Diego Day at the museum and hope to get that up this weekend as well! Busy me!

Well, I need to pack unless I want to spend the weekend without clothes...we leave this afternoon and I have not packed a single thing!

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