May 25, 2008

Nice Weekend in spite of...

We had a nice weekend in the mountains. No photos to share. SORRY. Oh, the in spite of....

In spite of the drive up, in spite of Hailey's "Flaming" ear infection that came on with NO warning. Perfectly happy 2 year old playing, roller skating, looking forward to the hot tub...suddenly "my ear hurts" take a look at Hailey and she looks like heck, take the temp and it is the Dr. Oh the Dr. rocked. They come to the house! In less than 30 minutes from the initial phone call! Mixed the medicine right there on the couch and off he went! That was awesome.

She started the antibiotics and suddenly things started draining, she lost her voice, fever spiked into the high 104's and she developed a nasty cough. No sleep for us!

But...she is getting better, we did go bowling, we did puzzles, stamps, painting - basically everything except the hot tub! I actually think this may have happened as a result of the croup she had a couple weeks it never really went away...just hid for a while? Who knows. But we are not prone to ear infections around here honestly this is the first one we have had in the house since Lauren was about 9 months old...I had to google the do's and dont's of ear infections! Felt pretty dumb!

The drive home - uneventful!

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Krape Family said...

Okay, who is this doctor? I have never heard of a doctor who comes to the house. I have only seen it in movies. Glad to hear she is feeling better.