April 5, 2008

Finally - a spring break post!

Call me lazy if you like...I wanted to post nearly every day, even took the time to upload the photos...just couldn't pull together a thought process long enough to actually post. Maybe it was ADD, maybe it was mommy brain...whatever it was I am here now so enjoy!

To start...we were off to Scottsdale courtesy of Grams and Gramps for a big family vacation! Brad and Anna came and we all had a great time. The girls were up before the lizards and off to the pool each day by 8:30 or 9:00. Yes you read that right. We stayed at the pool each day till at least 2pm sometimes closer to 3:00! Here are some pool photos from early in the trip (remember if you click on the slide show it will open it up larger for you!)

We were at the Four Seasons in Scottsdale and the property was amazing. It was so pretty and all the local vegetation seemed to be in full bloom! Besides some glitches with AC issues and a slightly limited menu for non-fish eaters it was all JUST PERFECT! Here are a few photos of the views around the property from our room and the pool.

What else? The girls and I went to breakfast each morning! That was fun. Daddy golfed a couple times, one of his favorite things was seeing all the golf balls literally embedded in cactus! Amazing! We learned a fair amount about cactus and the girls are fascinated by the Teddy Bear Cholla (Mexican Jumping Cactus) will actually grab on to you and just roll over and stay...hard to get off and apparently very, very painful...Grandpa knows!

Here are some more photos from the pool...one of the best parts was Hailey sleeping poolside each afternoon!

and on a final note...the girls were both great on the planes, Hailey even slept a little on the way home, used the restroom during turbulence (fun for mom), Hailey ate at least a cucumber a day on the trip...Lauren loved the eggs in the morning - guess mom doesn't make em as good :) Todd and I ventured off property for an evening at Greasewood Flats...quite an experience...And we saw a beautiful flower bloom on a cactus one evening - it only lasted 2 days but it was beautiful. These last few photos were taken from the blackberry so quality stinks but enjoy anyway!



Becky said...

WOW! I can almost smell the Coppertone and feel the sun. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Alicia said...

I have been waiting and waiting!! Thanks for posting pictures! The girls look so cute. The water looks so GOOD and I am really jealous we didn't get to go to AZ, too :o) :o)

Bonnie said...

Hey Terra, the boys and I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at pictures. Looks like a great vacation.

trogers905 said...

Thanks a bunch for sharing! You have done a terrific job with it all! Your trip to the great desert SW looked absolutely divine! You captured a lot of great moments with the girls. Remember too, that this is about the Emerson family. Where's a picture of you?
I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your blog! Thanks Again!