April 13, 2008

Weekend Almost Over

We have had a decent weekend. The girls went and played with Nicole and Heather yesterday and had a nice time. They are going to come over here and play this afternoon too.

I have been adding to the girls coin books and helping Lauren with her Webkinz trading card books. She has a lot of trading cards it is fun for her to see them all in one place. She also likes helping with the coin books so that is nice.

Hailey is struggling with seperating for school. The poor thing would rather come home and nap then go. She just cries in the car "I wanna go home with you mom" "I wanna take a nap mom" "I don't wanna go to school" She does fine when she is there and I am gone and she was not crying at drop off before Vacation so I know we will get past this too but it is SO HARD.


Terra said...

Commenting on my own post. Just wanted to say I started it Sunday and finished it Monday so it is a bit random.

Alicia said...

I feel your pain. I have been known to get in the car and sob. I hate leaving Ben when he is upset ~ it pulls at my heart so much. I just have to think about all the fun toys and the playground, take a deep breath, and then I can be okay with my decision to leave him at preschool. Hang in there.