April 21, 2008

Starting another week

This will be a busy one! Lauren has a dance competition again this weekend. The Nexstar Competition. She dances at 3:30 and 4:00 and awards are at 6:30 - all times are approximate and she has to arrive 1 1/2 to 2 hours early ready to dance! It should be very fun! I hope they do well again this time. The Move Compettion was fun for all of them and a real confidence booster!

I jetted off to Dallas for a quick trip to speak at a fund raising auction for Heartlight on Saturday. Actually my dad and I both spoke. It went really well. I was a nervous nelly, and tried to talk my dad into buying me a guitar that the writer of El Shaddai actually wrote the song on (literally) no guitar for me - but a good experience for all and I am also glad it was over. It was nice to see some people I had not seen a while too!

A couple of months ago I sent a photo of Hailey and Lauren to a couple Talent agencies in town, just to see - I had been having many people tell me I should and I went for it. I never got a response so I dropped it. Then last week I took a picture of Hailey on her Spring Program day that I just loved (after the red eye and chocolate on her mouth were removed by a dear friend) - on a whim I picked the agency with the best reputation in town and sent the picture...

well, they asked for more pictures on Saturday. I sent three more this morning.

and I got an email back this afternoon that asked to call to set up a time to come in. It may not go anywhere but they are clearly showing interest this time. This is a real agency (we pay nothing) and if they decide to sign Hailey she could get to some print or tv work and I think she would love it!

Keep your fingers crossed that it works out for the best (whatever that may be).

On a side note, Todd and I get to go away for our anniversary this year! Mom and Dad (mostly Mom) are sending us to the Hyatt in Beaver Creek (where we got married) and off to dinner at Beanos Cabin (where we had our reception) and it should be wonderful. I am really looking forward to it. Lauren and Hailey will stay with Grams and Gramps and hopefully be on their best behavior! It is a long way off still, but I will be thinking about it daily (maybe not) until it gets here!

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Bonnie said...

That is so cool. I can't wait to see what they say. She's so pretty but even more impressive in person. They are going to love her!Good for you for going for it. Bonnie