April 16, 2008

Half way point

We have reached the halfway point of this week and are once again bracing for a spring storm! Watch out Douglas County is slated for 5 to 10 inches. That means, as usual we will get an inch or 10. Regardless it will make things messy and we will be pulling out the shovels yet again!

Hailey is still struggling with separating a bit. I know she got thrown off track during vacation because she had been fine before hand. She is so funny though because transfers her affections to the adult in charge in my absence. I suppose my feelings should be hurt, I am easily replaced in her eyes. She just glues herself to her teacher at school, today it was a substitute and Hailey still clung on like a suction cup. Don't get me wrong she participates and does all that she is supposed to do at school, just sticks to the teacher kind of obsessively.

I just wish she would not have transferred these issues to her dance classes too. We had never had any problems at dance till last week. She made it through a class last night due in large part to Ms. Lauren (owner) taking her under her wing and aiding her through the first 10 minutes of class THANK YOU LAUREN. So I am anxious to see how she does tomorrow!

Tomorrow evening her preschool is doing their spring program at 6:30. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Most of the kids are 6 months to a year older than Hailey but still, that is late for little kids! Anyway, she is excited that we are all coming to watch, Grams and Gramps too...Her group is supposed to wear cacky bottoms and yellow tops, wouldn't you know that in a closet full of absolutely adorable clothes we had nothing CACKY or YELLOW. UGH, off to the mall I ran today. It was hard too...I didn't want to buy crap, If I have to buy it I want her to wear it again but it was really hard to piece together something cute, Hailey's style, in those colors ...I did it, not real pleased with what I got but I did it.

Well, that is it for now I suppose - wish I had more exciting things to say - but I don't.

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Bonnie said...

I wish I had some great words of wisdom to give you about Hailey but the one thing I can say I've learned with my kids is that no phase lasts forever and everything will eventually run it's course no matter how many parenting books I read and what I tried...they eventually just get through it. Just when you think your going to lose it, they are past it. For example I thought Alex would never be potty trained. I remember a friend of mine saying "he will get it eventually". I seriously wasn't sure he ever would...haha Bonnie Ps. He did get it. haha