April 10, 2008

April Snow

Thursday April 10th right? Yeah I think so - woke to snow. They warned us, and it actually snowed. I would not call it "Major Spring Storm Hits Denver" as they did but it has been snowing all morning. Wet heavy snow, takes an hour to shovel the driveway snow, gonna be sore in the morning snow!

I did take Hailey out in it while I shoveled. She ate snow. Mmmmm. Lunch. I took a couple of pictures but she kept telling me she did not want her picture taken...so I just picked my favorite one to post.

The other thing I wanted to share was the Professor's Last Lecture. I had seen it before, but last night I watched the Primetime interview with Diane Sawyer, and I have even more respect for this man and the way he lives his life. It is a nice lecture, with a lot to say and learn. I have to admit the last statement he makes brings me to tears everytime I see it. If you have time please watch it. Turn it on and listen to it while your doing something else even. It is worth it. You might even find yourself rewinding to see more of it!


Are you a Tigger

or an Eeyore?

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Bonnie said...

Love the picture of Hailey! I haven't finished listening to the lecture but I will. Connor said he is a tigger. I'm afraid I may be more of an Eoyore..depends on the day I quess.