April 25, 2008

It's Friday

Big Weekend and week ahead! Lauren has her competition tomorrow! No School on Monday, Wrats and a Social Studies test next week, performance at the Wildlife Museum next Saturday, Hailey threw up in my car yesterday. Yup. Yeah. It is the third time in as many years she has done that and it is SO gross. I want to throw her car seat away...EWWW. They are so hard to clean. But she wasn't sick after that (said she was) but never got sick so don't know what is going on with her. Let's just Hope Lauren doesn't get sick before her competition!!!

We are approaching the end of the school year. In May we have a long weekend so their are only like 27 days of school left - the last week of May of Spirit week and the first week of June should prove to be a waste of time! SO hopefully some stuff will start to settle down a little for the summer! The girls don't have dance after June 21st they have a 6 week break - we will do a lot of swimming and Lauren will do some golf and tennis and hopefully we will all have a nice summer - and let's not forget mom and dad's big weekend away in August!

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