April 7, 2008

Reality Hits

We have almost successfully completed our first day back to reality. I had trouble waking both of the girls up this morning - none of us really wanted to be up. Once we got going it was pretty OK until Hailey realized she had to go to school today. OOPS. Wish I didn't have to tell her!

We headed out for school, Hailey in tote, crying all the way...Dropped her off still very sad but seemed to be OK...well, she has found a way to shift her separation anxiety from me to her Teacher Ms. Ruth - poor Ms. Ruth needed to use the restroom and Hailey was INSISTENT on going with her. Now I know Ms. Ruth can't let that happen for all kinds of reasons but poor Hailey. Ms Ruth told her "you will be OK, I will be right back" to which Hailey replied "I NOT OK" apparently loud enough for most of the school to hear. She did successfully use the restroom sans Hailey, but Hailey spent the rest of the morning in her lap! And Hailey is proud to tell you so. UGH.

While Hailey was at school I needed to go to the bank. In general we are very happy long time customers of WellsFargo. However, I think their locations stink and I have no idea why they did not consult me before building thier branches out here. I have to drive miles out of my way to go to the bank, on most occasions, and with a gas guzzler that is currently running about $300 per month for gas (shoot some car payments are less than that!!) it is not very fun to drive out of the way for anything! So, if your listening WellsFargo please build a branch closer to my home or at least on my daily routes to the girls schools!

This afternoon time flew by...Hailey fell asleep in the car and I successfully moved her to the couch still asleep (YEAH ME!!!). I got busy doing stuff, I knew I had plenty of time before I had to pick up Lauren! Hailey woke up around 2:00 and drank some juice while watching Little Bill. I told her when Little Bill was over we were going to leave to get Lauren...sometime thereafter the phone rang...I answered and spoke for about 10 minutes. Little Bill was still on when I hung up so I kept buzzing around trying to accomplish a little bit when I glanced at the clock and it was 2:38 OMG! Hailey get your shoes we have to go! Turns out Little Bill is on twice in a row. How rude.

Well , we made it to school with 2 minutes to spare! Phew.

Showers, Spaghetti and soon to bed here! Can't wait to crawl in myself...but tonight Lauren MUST practice her Book Report Presentation first!


Bonnie said...

When Mark and I used to bring the kids in from the car asleep successfully. We called it "making the transfer". Connor was easy, Alex never was! Good luck with the book report.

Terra said...

I hear you Bonnie, I usually call it a succesful transfer - though I had no idea it was possible until about 3 months ago. I tried and tried with Lauren and never won, tried and tried with Hailey to no avail...until recently. I think she is more tired nowadays...it will only work after 1pm though!

Bonnie said...

When I used to take Connor to preschool, it was a good day when Alex would fall asleep in the car and I could make the transfer. I could actually have a little time to myself.. Have you heard that song "you're gonna miss this". I love that song. Some days seem so long but I am going to miss it when they grow up.

Terra said...

Is that Trace Atkins? I love that song. Meant to download it from itunes but forgot! THanks for reminding me!

Bonnie said...

Yes it is Trace Adkins. I didn't think of itunes. That is a great idea... Bonnie