April 26, 2008

Competition Day

Competition day is here. It has started off with a bang. Hailey is currently asleep on the couch (6am). She got up around 4:30 and pottied - this is unusual for her as she has not been waking to potty for several months now then at 5:15 she was in bed but asking to come downstairs. I went and got her because I had put her to bed early last night and figured she was pretty awake - therefore I did not want her to wake Lauren. Hailey said she had to throw up in the potty downstairs but she didn't -though she did hang there for a while. I guess she is still not feeling well. She has not been sick since Thursday - but I can't believe she is sleeping on the couch now! Plus we got up EARLY and I am not sleeping on the couch so...it is going to be a long day.

I figure I better bring extra clothes etc. to the competition in case she is still sick? Such a guessing game. Also Hailey is supposed to hang out with Grams and Gramps this afternoon and just show up at the comp in time for Laurens dances...but I can't really bring her to them if she is sick so if your reading this cross your fingers for a healthy day!

I think I hear Lauren coming down the stairs - ooops nope it is daddy! THANK GOODNESS. Don't need her getting up early too!

Well, I will do my best to shift my thoughts to Lauren and hoping she has a blast dancing today, staying positive about Hailey's health and staying awake through the awards ceremony!

Wish us all luck!

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