June 28, 2008

June 28th - Lauren's B-day and Fireworks

What a day! We had a great time at Lauren's birthday party. I think she really enjoyed and ultimately made the right choice for her to just have family. She also invited her beloved Ms. Monteith and we feel so blessed that she joined us (though I am sure she sees us all in a different light now!!!)

We had great food, a couple of games, presents and Maggie Moo Cupcakes. It was all "American Girl Sized" Mini Burgers, Mini Dogs, Mini Taco Bowls and Mini Mac's - little fruits on sticks - etc. We ate too much!

Lauren got some great gifts from all those who love her. A couple highlights -
1. Kits Tree House
2. Shopping Spree in a Box (tons of gift cards to stores that she loves!!!)
3. Great Grandma Slingerlends old school books (from the early 1900's!!)
4. Tickets and backstage passes to HighSchool Musical the Play
5. Crafts! DOLL CRAFTS even! She is stoked!

Here are a couple of my favorite photos followed by a slide show of more great photos!

Seeing the Tree House for the first time!

Grandma Mary and Grandma Maria bought the SAME card!!!!

Blowing out that last candle!

After the party and the clean up...we had an evening of fireworks with neighbors in the cul-de-sac. The kids had a BLAST (so did the daddys!!!) We had Dave and his daughter Nicole (4) Nikki and George with sons Evan and Christian (5 and 2) and of course us!

Again - a couple favorite photos followed by the slideshow!!!

The girls waiting on the lawn

Lauren, Nicole and hailey!

The girls watching the show!

Nikki with Christian and Evan watching the show!

Well, that's all folks! Off to bed soon, tomorrow I turn 35 (not that anyone reads this blog to hear about me!) then off to Beaver Creek on Tuesday (Todd to follow on Thursday) - I am looking forward to the trip!!


Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Terra..and we DO read your blog to hear about you! Looks like Lauren had a great b-day. She looked so pretty in her pink dress. She looked very happy!

L'il Dog Foo said...

What a rockin' party! The tiny food was totally cute (not to mention yummy) and a great time was had by all. I, of course, was on my best behavior and hopefully I'll be invited again someday (unless they find the stains in the carpet and notice the missing silverware)

Thanks for sharing your special family event with me! Happy birthday to both of the wonderful birthday girls.