June 14, 2008

Summer Time

BUSY BUSY- We have had a great week! We got to the pool 3 times and the girls were great! Lauren swimming and playing somewhat independantly, Hailey going all the way under water over and over and even blowing bubbles! We got to take our friends Cailey and Alicia (Cailey is Lauren's age and Alicia is her mom) to the pool with us on Friday and that was great! Good for the girls and the moms!

Yesterday and Today we spent virtually living at the dance studio getting pictures done! WOW. We made 5 trips for pictures in various costumes. the Girls did great! I took some photos at home before left (I left out a costume or two) but here are some cute shots of the girls!

SUPER FUN! The professional pictures were amazing! I had so much fun looking at them and picking some out (though it was VERY difficult to choose!)

Earlier this week Hailey insisted on wearing a BUN like Lauren. She looked so sweet. I could not resisit putting this photo up:

Lauren tried out for the Performing Company at The Academy of Colorado Ballet on Thursday night. We will get an email soon letting us know how that went. Dual Star has asked that Lauren remain "exclusive" in order to compete with them and her response to that was "that's just mean" she really loves the Ballet at the Academy and does not want to leave. so....Cross your fingers.

Late last week Nicole and Heather came over to play with the girls. They all had fun!!

Big Birthday coming up (Lauren's!!!) not mine. We will pretend that one is not happening! Lauren is having a small Family party plus her wonderful teacher Ms. Monteith (Lauren is so SO excited she is coming) and we plan to do an American Girl Doll Sized party/theme. Should be sweet! Then after her birthday we are going to take her to see the new AG movie - KIT because Kit was her first doll and the movie starts just a few days after her birthday!

I will try to keep up with more in the coming weeks, been a bit under the weather lately thus making it tough to motivate!


m.slingerlend said...

Summer Fun - It's the Best!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful girls!