June 16, 2008

Golf and Tennis...

Golf and Tennis start this week for Lauren. She does golf on Monday and Wed mornings and Tennis on Tuesday and Thur mornings! Both with her Coach from school. She is really slowing down and paying attention to her golf, and doing quite well! We are really proud of her.

We bought Hailey a small tennis racket so she could play around too! She already likes to hit golf balls with Lauren...so I kind of felt it was a must to get her a racket. She is so happy and she loves it.

We took it to the park today and I got some video of her hitting the ball while Paige threw the ball at her racket (litterally aiming for the racket so Hailey could hit it). I must say Paige is quite good at that, I sort of stunk at it! The first clip is about 2 minutes long and the second is about 1 minute.
***You can Hit PAUSE on the MP3 Player if the song interferes with the video Sound***


I will get some video of Lauren doing golf and tennis too, I am just waiting till next week when she has had some time to practice a little without me filming her and making her nervous!


Bonnie said...

She is so cute. I can't believe her attention span. That is great!

m.slingerlend said...

She is a trooper!