June 21, 2008

Dance Recital update

LONG DAY. Wow. The recitals were great. Though Hailey did not really dance in her dances - 2 she just stood there one toe pointed looking out into the wings - one she tried to dance and did some of it - she was intimidated!

LAUREN DID GREAT (so I hear) I had to be backstage for most of the day but got to watch her hip hop dance - who knew she had it in her? She was awesome! It was fun to see that one!

What a money maker though...3 shows - $10 per seat per show, 3 videos $30 each, 7 costumes, all the classes, only 1 program allowed per family...Holy Moly. and all so I could hang out back stage for quick changes and not see my girls! AHHHHHH!

Oh well, I did snap a couple before the show and back stage photos for your viewing pleasure...I am anxiously awaiting the professional photos from last weekend - but I am sure it will be weeks before I see those! Oh, and the videos (at $30 bucks each) take 6 weeks to arrive too.

TOMORROW - BIG FAIRY PARTY at Ms. Monteiths house, the girls are ECSTATIC! I am sure it will be great fun for all who attend (Myself included) hope I remember the camera!

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