June 13, 2009

Random Diva

I often refer to Hailey as a little diva - she got that name from a teacher she used to have for dance. Hailey is a steal the show kind of gal (when she wants to be), she has a tendency to light up a room (when she wants to) and one friend of mine has often said "I find it hard not to look at her". Hailey is a lucky little girl - she did not get many of her external genetics from me - (more on that another day)

Today I bring you a little bit of our random diva (all photos courtesy of my blackberry - the only way to catch all the random moments)

Hailey can't leave a store without wearing at least one of the new items purchased (notice grams in the back with the "old" shoes) and will always stop and pose for the blackberry.

Below is Hailey after a recent haircut - blown dry and loving it - she is a amazing at the salon! I think she would go daily - anyone know where I could one of those sinks and chairs for cheap?
And here you will see her outside playing in one of her best dresses and loving every minute of it. The girls LOVES her dresses!

This lovely photo is brought to you by "stop rocking so hard or you will fall)
I can't ever pass up a cute little rump view
This was the day she put on a whole new outfit before we left Old Navy - and got the shoes going in the back of my car!

This photo brought to you courtesy of sidewalk chalk and a high jumping game of hopscotch
who could forget Rock? Hailey hasn't forgotten Rock - he is still around and HE even had a baby - there is a baby rock now. Maybe it was adoption? Anyway - here she is giving Rock his bath.
This is Hailey being goofy, but I liked her hair in this photo so I had to include it.
And the final thoughts on Hailey are below. Hailey has some SERIOUS skin sensitivities and although that is a whole nother Oprah - Below you will see what happens to some of her cutest outfits.
Notice the black leggings under the cute capris and the green tinsle t-shirt under the adorable top? The pants and shirt were scratchy (fancy boutique store itch mind you)

So that was Hailey's solution - she wanted to wear the outfit but couldn't bear it on her bare skin and she went all around town with me like that...and I was ok with it.

Until she added the tap shoes and broke out her tool set and pretended to be Mrs. Handy Manny on my chair.
Diva in the making? I don't know - her sense of style is a bit off some times but she sure is needy and she does pick out most of her own clothes (because if she didn't she would go naked)


nikki said...

omg those are cute! OK I haven't seen your mom in a loooooong time, but one of those pics I thought I saw your mom in her (the recent hair cut shot) - have you heard that before? And one last point - it's just NOT FAIR that you get to have that girly dress fun!!!

jen@odbt said...

She knows how to work it - get that girl a contract. I love that she's so girly girl but I definitely don't miss those days of multiple outfits. Lots of laundry!

Anita said...

She is just adorable in her diva-ness! I love the many fashion views of a little girl. I so miss that age, my girls were so much fun to shop for. Now they are just expensive. Nick actually likes clothes too.........I'm raising a metrosexual male....LOL.

The Fritz Facts said...

She is so stinkin cute!! I love that she knows what feels good, and knows what her limits are when it come to being sensitive. Hunter is the same way. He has one shirt that he LOVES, but it itches. He started wearing another shirt under it and now is in hog heaven!

So adorable!!

Candi said...

She IS absolutely adorable. A real charmer. You are in big trouble when she is a teen, loL!

Jen said...

Come on - the tap shoes made the outfit!!

My daughter often changes her pajamas in the middle of the night "because she felt like it" so I think she has some diva-tendencies as well.

jenjen said...

She is so adorable! My 4 year old loves dresses too. She wants to wear one every day. If we lived closer to each other I bet our girls would be great friends!


Anonymous said...

hehe love it! total diva :-)

Shannon (muzbeecrazy.com) said...

She is a little diva and it is so cute! And clearly she's a little thinker putting those leggings on underneath the outfit. How many outfit changes does she do a day?

Allison said...

She is so cute! I WAS wondering about Rock! Thanks for the update on him (or is it her since *she* had a baby, hehe).

Bonnie said...

I've always been amazed at her "sense of self". I love her hair all "saloned" up! Great pictures. I can't wait to see her in a few years!

Krape Family said...

The girl has good taste.

The Bailey Family said...

OMG she is sooooo cute!

I just bought Lila the same blue & white shirt from Old Navy...didn't see the adorable matching shoes!

the mama bird diaries said...

She is such a cutie. I love her hair!!

Courtney said...

She is so precious. She honestly makes me want a little diva of my own. And she is such a fashionista! I love it.

Pam said...

I love the picture of her with the sidewalk chalk and the celebrity sun glasses. Very Hollywood.