September 9, 2008

School, Dance and more

School has started and seems to be going well. Hailey is still a bit sad when we drop her and off and on during her short day but she is doing well and seems like her new teacher and class mates. When playing around the house she plays "school" a bit...taking attendance etc. It is cute.

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This photo was taken while getting ready for the first day of school...

Lauren's new teacher is going to be fine/great. Mrs. Finke has taught at Beacon for a couple years and elsewhere for several years before that. She did not have long to learn the 4th grade curriculum but she is a very dedicated and motivated teacher so I have no doubt we are in for a good year.

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This was Lauren getting ready for the first day of school

And they both got dressed but neither cooperated that well for the photo!

This past weekend was Nutcracker Auditions at the dance studios. Lauren went ahead and tried out for the Nutcracker at both studios (The International Ballet School and The Academy of Colorado Ballet) as a parent....I was more impressed with the audition at IBS than at ACB - as a student Lauren really wants to be in the Colorado Ballet's performance. They have not announced the parts yet at that studio so I don't know what we will do. She was awarded two parts at IBS (mouse and bon bon) and rehearsals begin on Saturday. We should hear from ACB by Wednesday and will have to decide at that time which show she wants to do because I really don't think we can do both.
Last week both girls tried a gymnastics class...and today we are going back to try again...I am not willing to register them for the classes yet because I can't tell if they really want to do them...Lauren tried a class because Hailey did...Hailey tried a class because she had been asking for months and I finally caved. Lauren enjoyed her class, Hailey left hers early because it was boring (too many kids)'s class for Hailey only has 5 or 6 little ones in it and we are going to try again....keep you posted. For Lauren...she is going to have to let go of something if she wants to keep going to gymnastics after today - Tap is probably going to have to go - she can not have "something" every night of the is just too much.
Anything else??? Hmmmm...I don't think so. Oh...we had some Hawks come to visit on the weekend. There were two on the back fence. By the time I got my camera only one was left. Paige sent the photo to a friend that works for the Raptor Education Society and found out they were Juvenile Red Tailed Hawks. They didn't look very juvenile to me...but I certainly know NOTHING about Hawks etc...

From Hawk

From Hawk

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