September 20, 2008

Nutcracker Rehearsals

Nutcracker rehearsals for Lauren are 3 straight hours of dance with a 5 minute break! For the first 2 hours she rehearses the Battle Scene as a Mouse. The last hour she is a Bon Bon (one of Mother Gingers children) her part in this scene is very "technical" and it will take all 24 rehearsals for most of this to really come together! It is fun to watch. Lauren does quite well, if you really pay attention she is on her mark and on time more than the others (go Lauren) it is distracting though because the girl on the end finds it necessary to squish up to Lauren so close that she can't move well - Hailey dances on the bar the whole time thus blocking the camera view...and there is another part of the scene rehearsing in the back ground!!!

So...I recommend watching the video multiple times - once to watch Lauren, once to watch the girl on the end who is driving Lauren crazy and a final time to watch Hailey.

Sorry the video is grainy...I used my blackberry to film it - next time I will bring the FLIP.

Enjoy!! Oh and this is not the whole dance - they have not taught all the choreography yet.

OK, bummer - I am having major trouble with the first is choppy too...SORRY.

I also took some video of just Hailey dancing at the bar...unfortunately I started after she done really practicing her positions etc - her 5th position rivals that of the pros but she was having fun so enjoy this too!


L'il Dog Foo said...

Darling videos. Lauren is quite the ballerina and Haily is quite the performer! Can't wait for the FLIP versions.

Alicia said...

Who was that that came in right at the end of the second video? Did she know you were video-taping? That was hilarious! Lauren is doing so good ~ I can't wait to see the performance...we are really looking forward to it! Hailey is cute, as usual :o) Miss you guys!

Terra said...

alicia, considering I was holding my cell phone in front of me at arms lenght for 20 minutes I am not sure what she thought...she did figure it out and apologized but it was pretty funny.