September 1, 2008


We have spent this last week before school staying very busy! I wish I had fun exciting thing to blog about but I don't. I still need to post the photos from the berry picking farm and the coggy doggy Lauren built but haven't found the time. We bought our new lunch boxes and backpacks this week and Hailey carries hers with her just about everywhere we go! Lauren found out she has a different teacher than she was expecting on we swallowed that and moved on. She also found out a girl that she thought was not returning to school this year is in fact coming back...neither good nor bad news just news. I am wondering if CBS is going to tell Renny (Big Brother 10) about Gustav and New Orleans being evacuted? Just two more days before we hit the daily grind again...(Wednesday) WOW - Summer went by fast. I am glad the girls got to do a lot of fun things this summer though. I suppose I should stop typing my random thoughts as I really have nothing important to say!

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