September 2, 2008

overdue post

OK, so it has been about two weeks now since we went to the "Pick Your Own Farm" it was called Berry Patch Farms , about 45 minutes away and truly a great morning! We went with Becky and had a wonderful time. The picking was what they called "hard" but we still got lots of berries! The raspberries were the best, Strawberries were good too. There is nothing better than truly fresh fruit. The girls also picked some cucumbers and got to cut some flowers to bring home. We will definitely go back next summer!

A not so great adventure was had by Lauren a few weeks ago when she purchased a Coggy Doggy. Part of the Gears, Gears, Gears Collection by learning Resources. Now, I will say that the concept behind this coggy doggy is fantastic, problem solving, figuring, building, asking for help only when you are truly was great...till it was done. IT DOESN'T WORK! IT falls apart every time you push go. The bark is cute. Todd and I tried re-building, tried using things to hold it together (duct tape for one) the darn thing is a bust. At $50 you expect more. I have been in touch with the store and the manufacturer to no real avail. The manufacturer offered us another gears product (yippee - ha) So the lesson here is don't buy one! It was fun to put together but offered great disappointment once done.

It is back to school for all tomorrow! YAHOO! We are ready and yet we wish we had more time. It should be a good year! I am not looking forward to having to be up, showered and ready to leave by 7:45 each morning again but that is ok! Dance starts in full swing tomorrow too. Lauren has had some ballet this summer but tomorrow kicks it all off! The busy dance schedule starts with something I think I will have to change...Hailey has Tap at the Academy at 3:30 and Lauren has Ballet IBS at 4:00 - Hailey's tap class doesn't end till 4:15 so....potentially I drop Hailey off, buzz Lauren to the other studio, drop her off, buzz back to the Academy get Hailey and cruise back to IBS to get Lauren...HMMMMM...If Hailey was older maybe. I am going to try it once but will likely be changing something!!

Oh, I almost forgot. Hailey has been asking to take gymnastics for a while now and I have been hesitant. She has some natural talent and is fun to watch but I don't want her doing too much or burning out. I did take some time to research some gyms around a couple weeks ago but the "good" ones (IMHO) are too far away. If I start her I will just take her up the road to Champs and hope for the best, if she sticks with it I will drive to a further one. So, Last night she was swinging from the bars out back...Before she grips the bar she stretches her arms up in the air, holds and her hands together (getting a really good stretch) wipes her hands on her shirt and grabs the bar with determination. She was trying to flip under the bar and fell several time in a row and just kept at it, fell on her head twice! UGH! My point. She looked like a veteran gymnast out there stretching first etc. TOO CUTE!

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Bonnie said...

Loved the pictures of the girls at the Berry Farm! I bet the fruit was yummy!