July 18, 2008

Summer Flying By...

We are more than half way through summer now. We have managed to stay very busy with trips to the mountains, sports, concerts, shows, the pool and more.

Lauren is doing pretty good with her expander, but she hates it. Won't show it to you - we visit the orthodontist on Thursday to get it "checked" I think it is too soon for an estimate on when she gets it off but we will certainly ask anyway!

Next week is the last week of sports (except Ballet) - Jonas Brothers Concert is Saturday night! High school Musical Play is Tuesday...

Today - we stay home - Jeep in the shop - Laundry, clean playroom and play outside - FUN FUN.


I don't know what's worse...a day at home with 2 kids that can't seem to play nice together or the $400 electric bill coupled with the $71.00 tank of gas I got this week...Between electric, gasoline and water I think they total about the same as our mortgage payment each month! Ok...maybe not quite - but we are certainly getting close! I mean come on - $400 for electricity...ridiculous. Guess we'll be bumping the AC up a couple degrees. Actually, I told the girls they were going to have to start sleeping naked with no covers so we could save electricity - HA! Too bad they didn't believe me.

So yes the children had trouble getting along this morning - what a pain - honestly I wanted to climb back in bed at 9:00 cover my head with the blanket and pretend I didn't have kids - somehow though we survived and by the afternoon they were playing nice together (could have had something to do with Hailey's 2 hour nap!!!)

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tech teacher said...

Ha! Good luck with dinner ideas, sorry nothing comes to mind.