July 4, 2008

The Bear...I can't believe I forgot to blog the bear

The bear? Was it one or two? We often see wildlife up here. We wait for it, glance out the window at any opportunity hoping to see something. The best was the wild turkey last winter! We see elk, deer, fox, marmot, either a wolf or a coyote that looked a lot like a wolf...and BEARS. Bears that tear through Hot Tub Covers and crack the tub in the process, bears that take baths in the Beaver Pond out back and most recently a Bear Cub that wanted to come into the garage and say "hi" to Grandpa Mac.

Grandma, myself and the girls had just pulled out of the garage to head to City Market when VOILA Baby Bear enters from around the front sidewalk heading for the Garage. Grandma started honking the horn rapidly because Grandpa was in the garage with his back to the door.

The cub did run away, he/she went across the street and proceeded to lumber up each set of front steps to several front doors and move on to the next as he found them all closed...

Did we get a picture - not then...Didn't think fast enough. We headed off to the store and on the way home saw the bear...well we thought it was the bear - but turns out it was the MAMA Bear! Did we get a picture -- Yes! See below (camera phone) got one of it stopping to use the restroom then one as it ran away -

Turns out the bear family has been on the street all week - stealing lunches from the construction site seems to be a popular hobby for them! Reminds me of Yogi Bear. Tonight one came through the back yard but ODDLY was scared off by a 25lb barking dog chasing it through the yard - no pictures thanks to the wimpy bear and the yippy dog...


UPDATE: There were two news stories about a momma bear and her cubs in Beaver Creek this week, One last night on 7News and one in the Vail Daily on Wednesday - click on the links if you want to read them.


Bonnie said...

What great pictures. I can't believe the bears were just roaming around! Love all your pictures. It's so beautiful there. Have a safe trip home!

Alicia said...

OH MY GOSH! Cailey would have freaked out! She is going to Girl Scout camp this weekend and can't stop talking about being afraid of bears! I will not be showing her this post! :o)