July 4, 2008

Dinner and Fireworks

We had a nice night last night. Avon did their fireworks show at 9:45 - we sat down to dinner at Mirabels at 7:45 and everyone enjoyed a nice meal - our table was outside next to a small "brook" (or is it stream?) with perfect views of the fireworks show (thanks to Grandpa clearing the shrubs and brush in the days leading up to the show). The girls were fantastic during dinner - even at that late hour!

The show was really nice as usual - nothing compares to being at the park, hearing the music and having it feel like the fireworks are coming straight over your head but this was certainly easier and still very nice - especially since Hailey spent the first 10 minutes of the show being apprehensive about the situation.

When we came home (10:30) it was straight to bed for Hailey and then Lauren got to go up and look out Brad's huge telescope - she got to see ALL of the moons around Jupiter and many other great things. That was a treat for her!

Earlier in the day the girls played outside in the water for quite some time - Hailey did about 100 belly flops into the tiny, shallow pool and loved it! I took a little video but need to weed through it before I post it -for now here are some photos!

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