July 7, 2008

back home again

we are all home from the mountains. for a few days anyway! We are heading back up on Friday! Lauren went to the orthodontist today and had her expander put it. she is uncomfortable and doesn't really want to talk much but for the most part it is ok. she sat at the table with spagetti for an hour tonight, ate about 1/4th of what was on her plate but at least she tried. I feel really bad for her, I was fortunate enough not to have any ortho work done but my brother spent more than his fair share of time in that chair. She has to wear this for 3 to 4 months then will move into a retainer.

I have had at least one request for the video of Hailey belly flopping in the little pool...so I am going to muster up the energy and get that posted tonight. Check back soon.

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