July 10, 2008

Orthodontist Update

Well, Poor Lauren. She got her expander put in on Monday afternoon. It has not been fun for her. It is uncomfortable, has to be turned with a key every night which ads a constant reminder of how wonderful it is, makes it difficult to talk and to eat...she has been very down in the dumps about it. Do you blame her? The good thing is it should come off in October then she gets a retainer (which at least she can take out every now and then) but try teling a supersensitive 8 year old that "this too shall pass". Living in the NOW, she is miserable. I am sure she will get used to it and sort of let it go a bit in a few more days. But what a BUMMER!

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Bonnie said...

Poor Lauren and you! She will appreciate it some day when her teeth are nice and straight. But I'm sure it's miserable now.