February 27, 2008

Wed. February 27th I think

Lauren is still home sick. She has a permanent spot on the couch reserved for just for her at this point. The poor thing gets just a couple hours of reprieve between fever spikes! She is sad and tired of being sick and I don't blame her.

Funny though...She had plenty of work to do from missing school and she sat at the table this morning for about 90 minutes and did it all. Two days of school work crammed into 90 minutes. Makes you wonder eh?

Ms. Hailey went off to school this morning and though she cried a little before we left the house and in the car when it came time to drop her off she sucked it up and said good by like a big girl! They even said she made it through the day without tears! YEAH HAILEY!

Thought of the day on Hailey... I wonder if at 2 1/2 you know how to fake sick? I mean, we know she is pretty bright for her age, her vocabulary is amazing "Probably" is her favorite word. But last night she claimed to have an ear ache and today she is cold with a tummy ache - I have to wonder "did her cold move into her ear, do I need to get it checked, is she getting what Lauren has or does she just realize that it will get her attention from mom?" Hmmmm. I will be pondering that for the next 12 to 18 hours to see if it is real or if we need to see the Doc? With my luck by the time I take her in she will have a double ear infection and appendicitis or something HA! Lets hope not!!

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