February 29, 2008

Mouse? What Mouse?

Here we have hit Friday. A half day at school, followed by lunch at the park then Team Night at the dance studio for Lauren. Grandma and Grandpa are off to California for the next 10 days - admittedly I am jealous - warm sun, beaches, hotel maids, room service to name a few!! Spring Break can't get here soon enough for me! It will be our first real vacation with Hailey and I looking forward to it and hoping all goes well! We will be traveling to AZ! For Warm sun, pools, room service, family fun with Grandma and Grandpa, Brad and Anna - Todd might golf a day or two, I might hit the spa for a massage and Grandma and Grandpa plan to babysit at least once so Todd and I get to have a quiet evening! What a treat! Our friends from the dance studio (Alicia and Scott) will also be in AZ while we are there so maybe we will be able to get together with them for a bit too!

Lauren started her very own blog last night. I don't know how often she will get to it but if you got an invitation to view it is legitimate and if you did not get an invite but want one post a comment here or email me and I will make sure you get one. It will be really great if she uses it. It can be a good outlet to vent, reminisce or just plain write to write. I am a co-author on her blog so I have as much control over it as she does, it is private like this one so every Tom, Dick and Harry can not just find and read her blog and it. It will also be a good, controlled, lesson in Internet safety as we can talk about not providing personal information (numbers addresses etc) not using people's last names when posting and more! Her first entry was a poem she penned in about 5 minutes it is cute! This weekend I will show her how to load pictures and more. You can even add a blog post from your cell phone (though I haven't taught myself yet) but she can take a picture, write about it and send it to her blog once we learn how so that could be cool!

Hailey was up before the birds today (not uncommon in the least) but the shocker was I took to the potty and laid her back down and she actually stayed in bed! Might even be sleeping, allowing me to ramble on here with my thoughts and steal a few moments to myself before I have to press on with the day! YEAH ME!

Did you hear about our mouse? No! Well, read on...we had a visitor in our window well on Monday morning. Thank goodness it was in the window well and couldn't find a way in (though it nibbled a nice hole in the screen that will need repair). Anyway, there was no getting him out alive (HA) and no leaving it there to creep me out for weeks so it was greeted with a lunch of mole/vole killer (no DeCon available at that moment) and now Todd gets the treat of disposing of said mouse this weekend. YUCK! Anyway, I have to wonder, if the mouse was in the window well it was clearly trying to get close to the house and of course inside where it is warm and cozy. How many friends followed it? Where are they? EEEEK. Why can't they just stay out in the open space where they belong, support the Eco System and let the Hawks hunt them down in a natural way? So, now when I enter the garage, the basement or any dimly lit room I have to pause and pray that I don't see anything scamper in front of my feet. Creatures and I just are not friends and if one gets in here I just might lose my marbles.

Well it is 6 am now and I am sure Miss Hailey will bless me with her presence any moment now so I am off to make coffee, empty the dishwasher and basically get back to reality. I took pictures at her tap class yesterday and if the day or evening permit I will post them later!

Wow, thank goodness this blog thing has a spell checker, I really am horrible. Hope it found them all because I am going to hit publish now.

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