February 26, 2008

Tuesday Dance Day and Lauren Home Sick

Here we embark on Tuesday. Hailey has her regular Kinder Rock class that she LOVES. If Hailey could go to dance every day she would. She is the only 2 year I know that even enjoys a private lesson every now and then! She is attentive, passionate and truly loves her dance classes. On Sunday she was pretending to be "driving" I asked if she going to Disney Land to which she turned and looked at me and said "No I going to DANCE" duh, mom!

Lauren was up around midnight nursing that fever. She had some Tylenol around 9 when it spiked and she was doing her classic "freak session" Lauren has a tendency to sleep walk, talk etc and it is always heightened with fever. When she is up sleep walking she often "freaks out" it is best not to communicate with her at all and just get her back to bed but that doesn't always happen because it is often difficult to tell weather she is awake or asleep. We call it her ghost walking - the only way you can really tell is to look in her eyes if she looks possessed she is asleep. Sometimes though it is dark and you engage in conversation only to regret it when she starts running from you or yelling at you!!

Anyway, I am hoping she sleeps late this morning and wakes without fever...we will pick up her school work this afternoon so she can stay on top of it. She hates missing school and will be crying, no matter how sick, that she can't go. She will also be missing Ballet tonight, that is a wholenother Oprah...with 18 students in her class at a studio that I love I am having a mommy struggle - 18 is just too many!

As the day moves on...(HA it is only 7:40) Lauren came down stairs with her fever at 104 - yes 104! Can you say TYLENOL. Looks like this could drag on for a while. Hopefully the Tylenol Will bring it down enough that she can venture out o Hailey's dance class because Hailey will be very sad if we have to miss it.

I bought a new computer last week. and I am NOT liking my keyboard. it doesn't take the keystrokes well and I have to backspace A LOT and even the back space key is not great. SONY HELP ME!

We are off to tackle our day now. I will update later if time permits!

We made it to dance! Hailey had fun.

Lauren was a trooper. She did several pages in a work book til her fever crept up again - but look she is still beautiful even when sick! I sure hope this adding pictures thing is working. I guess I will see when I hit post! Anyway I thought I would throw in a shot of lazy old Riley too - just for grins. SO. Lauren's fever has topped out at 104.4 and she has had Tylenol. It is coming back down now but I sure feel sorry for her! The rise and fall of the fever is really hard. Because when the Tylenol is at it's peak she feels pretty good then goes downhill as it wears off. She is in pretty good spirits though. Just wishes she could go to school.

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