December 8, 2008

Somethings you just gotta love

Have I ever told you how much I love doing laundry? I mean seriously. There is nothing better.

You get to:

Go into every room of your house collecting clothes

Look under beds and in closets to make sure you got them all

Haul all those wonderful smelling clothes down stairs and to the laundry room

Sort, carefully making sure you don’t wash a red sock left inside a pant leg with the whites

Wait while each load takes a painstaking amount of time to run through the wash

If you’re lucky you get to leave to pick up a child only to return and forget you even had a load in the washer (can you say yummy?)

On really good days your front load washer won’t spin out completely 3 times in row leaving your clothes dripping wet and impossible to dry and setting you back at least an hour on time

You get to make sure you don’t throw that expensive new shirt Grandma bought you in the dryer on accident

You get to wait all day for the hang dry clothes to dry

Hey, you even get to haul all the clean and dry clothes upstairs and get them back into the respective rooms, on the proper hangers and in the correct drawers.

You get to hear all about it when you put your 3 year olds socks in your 8 year olds sock drawer because it would be way too easy for her to just correct the mistake instead of bringing it to your attention first

Sometimes you get it all put away on the same day you started other times you get to wait to put it all away until next time you need the laundry baskets

The truly blessed ones will get it all done in one day, put away and everything go downstairs feeling great about the accomplishment only find dirty socks tucked inside shoes and leggings that fell behind the hamper...

And the very best part of it all?

You get to do this every single week, weather you want to or not.

I love Laundry


Alicia said...

OMG!! You just described my whole day! I took a day off of work to make this happen ~ with all the sick going around I needed to strip all the beds, too. So, that adds a least a half day on top of normal laundry. Then my DH comes home (late, of course) to ask what I have been doing all day...ggggrrrrrrr!

Tassi said...

Too funny. I really need to get a better attitude on laundry.

Thanks for stopping by reviewsings to comment on the cupcake maker!

Gave a good one!

Becky said...

Obviously the dear soul who designs houses with the laundry room as far from the bedrooms as possible has never done a load in his life.

Grams said...

Becky, the key word in your response is "HE". Need more women designers!!

Jenni said...

I loathe just never ends!

If you take some pics of your Santa bear, email them to me and i wil make a duet video! :-D